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Using GPR to Locate Rebar, Conduit, Post-Tension Cables

Concrete and construction professionals use ground penetrating radar to safely locate structures within concrete prior to drilling, cutting or coring. Take advantage of locating targets in real time, with only single-sided access required.

StructureScan Mini XT

For concrete inspection, the current state of the art is the StructureScan Mini XT
(ultra-high resolution; 50cm depth penetration; multiple 3D views).

It is small, light and self-contained (no cables; no fuss), and is able to map location & depth of metallic & non-metallic objects (eg air/water-filled PVC conduits, metallic pipes, cables, post-tension cables, etc), voids, and water/fluid ingress into the concrete.

The Mini XT also has an optional accessory, LineTrac, which allows you to easily tell the difference between live power cables and rebar/post-tension cables/dead power cables.

The StructureScan Mini XT employs a new 2700MHz (2.7GHz) antenna 8 mm off the surface providing additional clearance, allowing the antenna to be used over rough concrete surfaces. The new 2.7GHz antenna provides excellent near-surface resolution while also maintaining the ability to resolve deeper targets.

The new XT system also offers a high resolution, easy-to-use touch screen user interface offering different modes of operation for both the novice and expert users. New advanced software features offer users several options to view data, including raw and focus mode data and real-time Auto-Depth calculations for accurate depth measurements.

The StructureScan Mini XT comes standard with an advanced 3D data viewing application that allows users to view data in multiple 3D perspectives.

Features include:
•    Rough-surface scanning through improved ride height
•    Real-time auto depth calibration
•    QuickScan - go immediately to data collection with one push of a button
•    New ultra-high resolution antenna PLUS 50cm depth penetration
•    Auto targeting
•    14.5GB data storage
•    Touch screen and conventional button menu
•    HD display (1024x768 pixels – 40% higher than leading competitor)
•    Improved display size (16.5cm – 25% larger than leading competitor)
•    Laser positioning
•    Rugged, shock resistant rubber bumpers
•    IP65 rating
•    38% smaller than leading competitor
•    Light weight – 26% lighter than leading competitor
•    Get 20% closer to corners than leading competitor
•    Optional extension handle for ease of use on walls & long floor profiles - No ladders; no aching back


Extension Handle


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