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UtilityScan™ is the most accurate GPR system on the market for the non-destructive location of all subsurface utilities (i.e. optic-fibre, electric cables, sewer lines, storage tanks, sprinkler systems, water pipes, etc). With UtilityScan, users can immediately locate and mark buried service utilities. This system can also easily detect depth and location of objects such as water mains, underground storage tanks, terra cotta pipes, tree roots and voids. UtilityScan penetrates man-made or natural surfaces, returning data with unsurpassed quality. You can trust your results with GSSI’s powerful antennas.

Typical Uses for UtilityScan Include:

  • Utility detection – metallic and non-metallic, optic-fibre conduit
  • Environmental remediation
  • Damage prevention
  • Geological investigation
  • Turf assessment
  • Archaeology
  • Forensics & grave site identification
  • Road inspection

Features & Benefits

  • Locate non-traceable utilities and water lines in real-time
  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • User-friendly system
  • Instant 3D data collection
  • Locate and mark utilities quickly with the innovative backup cursor feature
  • Rugged cart-based systems that are lightweight and simple to collapse for travel
  • Easy data transfer to PC
  • GPS integration
  • High definition, full-color screen that is easy to read even in bright daylight
  • Durable components that have been tested in the world’s toughest field conditions
  • Affordable, turnkey solution
  • 2-year warranty

UtilityScan Models

UtilityScan DF (Dual Frequency)UtilityScan DF

The UtilityScan DF is the flagship of our range; it has a dual frequency antenna: 800MHz/300MHz
(approx 4-5m depth)
*Depth of investigation is dependent on soil conductivity and is only given as an indication

With a single-frequency antenna there is always a compromise between resolution (how small a target can be but still be imaged) and depth of penetration (how deep the target can be and still be imaged).

However with a dual-frequency antenna, you can have ultra-high resolution at shallower depths (0-2m), but still have the power to penetrate to 4-5m depth with high resolution.

As such, it is excellent at locating & mapping the position & depth of services, including metallic (pipes, cables, conduits, etc) & non-metallic targets (air & water filled PVC, optic fibre conduits, voids etc).

The UtilityScan DF also offers an optional accessory unique to GSSI:  "LineTrac" allows you to tell the difference between live cables, and pipes or ”dead” cables.

•    Ultra high resolution to 2m & very high resolution to 5m, all in one pass over the target
•    “Noise floor” indicator – Tells you how deep you are REALLY seeing
•    High speed data collection (up to 12km/h)
•    On-the-fly depth calibration. No more guesswork.
•    High density scan option for even greater resolution at shallow depths
•    Simple screen capture for easy inclusion of data in reports
•    Rugged design & sun visible display
•    Work 8-10hrs on one charge
•    Optional LineTrac add-on to distinguish live power cables from other targets
•    Optional "RADAN 7 for DF" software is MUCH cheaper than other software

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UtilityScan DF